BTS Jin To Hold Special Hug Event to Celebrate Reunion with Fans

It was recently announced on Weverse that BTS member Jin will be holding an in-person event to celebrate 2024 FESTA. The event is set for June 13, just one day after Jin’s discharge from the military.

The celebration will consist of a meet-and-greet session followed by performances requested by fans. The event has gained attention due to its three-hour-long ‘hug event’ where fans can share light hugs with Jin.

Reportedly, Jin personally requested this special interaction. Fans will be selected by raffle to participate, and those who prefer can opt for a handshake instead.

During the second part of the event … Jin will perform various songs chosen by fans and conclude his ‘Message from Jin’ series. This part of the event will be available for online viewing.

Weverse’s official announcement highlighted the motivation behind this unique event: “This event was prepared to fulfil Jin’s wish to spend meaningful time with ARMY in person on BTS’s debut day. We invite you to join us as we express our gratitude for your unwavering love for BTS.”

HYBE Cancels Album Raffle for BTS Jin’s Hug Event Amid Fan Outcry

Following complaints from BTS fans, HYBE has cancelled the ‘album raffle’ initially announced as the qualification method for BTS Jin’s free hug event at the 2024 FESTA on June 13.

Initially, fans were required to purchase as many albums as possible between June 2 and June 6 to enter the raffle. This stipulation led to a significant backlash, with fans accusing HYBE of exploiting Jin’s thoughtful gesture to boost album sales.

Fans also raised concerns about the environmental impact of mass-buying albums and the exclusion of fans who had already purchased albums before the specified period.

In response, HYBE announced they would devise an alternative plan that considers fans who made additional purchases based on the original criteria.

Fans Remain Outraged Over BTS Jin’s Hug Event Despite HYBE’s Adjustments

HYBE is facing continued criticism over the organization of BTS Jin’s free hug event. Despite announcing changes to include fans who had previously purchased albums through Weverse Shop, fans remain dissatisfied.

The primary concern is the requirement that Jin hug a thousand people, which fans argue is unrealistic and unsafe. Many are instead calling for a more exclusive fan meeting or gift-giving event.

Fans have also criticized HYBE for not clarifying changes to the raffle process … Which implied that the more albums purchased, the higher the chances of winning, remain in effect.

Fans have voiced their concerns online, emphasizing the potential health risks to Jin. They also highlighted the need for clearer, fairer event criteria. They suggest limiting raffle entries to one per person and reducing the number of participants to ensure the event’s safety.

Jin’s free hug event is scheduled for June 13, and fans continue to express their hopes for a safer and more equitable arrangement.