KEP1ER to Release Full Album Album as Nine-Member Group

The K-pop group KEP1ER is set to release their debut full-length album, Kep1going On, which holds special significance as the first and last full-length album from KEP1ER as a nine-member group.

Formed through the 2021 Mnet show Girls Planet 999: The Girls Saga, KEP1ER recently became the first Mnet project group to successfully renew their contract, continuing as a seven-member group in the future.

KEP1ER plans to showcase all the skills they have accumulated over the past 2 years since their debut in this release. The album, Kep1going On, will be available on various online music platforms on June 3rd at 6 PM.

Celebrating KEP1ER’s Journey

Kep1going On is the group’s first new release in about 9 months since their mini-album Magic Hour last September and their first full-length album in Korea. This album commemorates the time KEP1ER and their fans, Keplian (official fandom name), have shared together.

Highlights from Kep1going On

The teaser for the title track Shooting Star revealed intense choreography reminiscent of stars and light, reflecting Kep1er’s unity. The snippet of the song’s addictive chorus further heightened anticipation for their comeback.

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