NCT Haechan and Johnny Accused of Raunchy Party with Fans

NCT members Haechan and Johnny are facing serious accusations of inappropriate behaviour with fans, sparking a major scandal. The controversy began when an account, @kira_ceo_main, posted a series of photos and an inflammatory tweet.

An infamous figure in the Japanese nightlife industry manages this account. The poster is known for connecting girls with nightlife opportunities, high-profile clients, and plastic surgery sponsors.

The tweet named NCT members Johnny and Haechan … Claiming they engaged in inappropriate activities with three Japanese girls, two of whom are fans of other NCT members.

The Alleged Incident

The accusations claim that Johnny and Haechan were involved in a five-person encounter with the women, who are alleged to be cabaret hostesses. The initial tweet, which included a photo of a hotel room key from The Capitol Hotel Tokyo, quickly gained traction.

Notably, Haechan conducted a live stream from this hotel around the time the alleged incident occurred.

Visual Evidence and Speculations

Further fueling the controversy, one of the girls involved posted a photo on her social media showing five glasses, various cans and bottles of alcohol, five cigarettes, and five suspicious-looking sachets. Speculation arose that these sachets might have contained drugs, escalating the seriousness of the allegations.

Netizens and Social Media Reactions

The allegations have gone viral, with netizens uncovering the identities of the girls involved. One girl, Miu, is a fan of NCT member Doyoung. Her social media profile prominently features tags and photos related to Doyoung, adding another layer to the controversy. The account @lv999_V was the first to level the allegations against Johnny and Haechan.

As fans worldwide grapple with these allegations, Japanese netizens have taken to social media to mock those involved in the scandal. The rapid spread of the accusations and the subsequent deletion of social media posts by one of the girls highlights the volatility of the situation.

SM Entertainment has not issued any official response regarding these serious allegations. The entertainment world and NCT fans are awaiting their statement as the scandal unfolds.

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