New Details Surface Against NCT Members Haechan and Johnny

On June 3, 2024, shocking details have emerged against NCT members Haechan and Johnny. They were accused of engaging in inappropriate conduct with fans. The controversy centres around an alleged incident in a Japanese hotel.

The two idols are said to have participated in an intimate gathering with three female fans. The accusations … Which have been widely discussed online, are based on screenshots of private Instagram stories posted by the involved girls.

Details of the Allegations

The allegations gained traction after people translated screenshots of Instagram stories, posted by the girls involved, from Japanese to Korean. These posts included photos of the hotel room key and coffee table … Along with explicit captions directly naming Johnny and Haechan. One caption read, “Ah, I think I might die. Save me LOL. Johnny and Haechan put their d*cks in me.”

According to the posts, the girls were unaware of who they would be meeting until they arrived at the hotel. They were contacted through a “teco” service app—a Japanese service where men can pay for drinks and other favours. The girls claimed that upon arrival, they realized they would be spending the night with Johnny and Haechan.

Miu, one of the women involved in the allegations, is reportedly cultivating relationships with celebrities while pursuing her studies in Korea. She posted photos indicating her interactions with NCT members.

Further Revelations and Backlash

Another girl involved, Rio, is alleged to have met other idol groups as well. She claimed to have had intimate encounters with Mark from NCT. She also boasted about having exclusive photos and footage that could “end them if leaked.”

Rio also claimed to have engaged in inappropriate conduct with Johnny and mentioned having proof shots of Taeil.

The girls also clarified that papers seen on the coffee table in the photos were not drugs, as previously suspected, but materials for a drinking game.

Additionally, it was alleged that an NCT manager facilitated these meetings by providing the hotel key on behalf of the boys. The girls claimed that while the initial meeting was arranged through the service, subsequent encounters were unpaid and voluntary.

The posts included trivial details such as the members teaching them drinking games, ordering delivery food, and allowing them to ride in company cars.

Implications and Industry Response

These allegations have caused a significant stir within the K-Pop community and among NCT’s global fanbase. The serious nature of the accusations, combined with the explicit details provided by the girls, has led to widespread outrage and demands for accountability.

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