HYBE under fire for latest legal move in feud with Min Hee-Jin

HYBE has applied for a restriction on access to trial records of their court case with ADOR CEO Min Hee-Jin. The trial, which took place on May 25, 2024, has been a focal point of public interest. In South Korea, court case trial records are typically made public after a certain period. The only exception is if the involved parties apply for access restrictions.

According to the legal community, HYBE submitted the application on June 4. They requested to restrict the trial records, including HYBE’s written answers and various evidence materials. Restrictions are granted when the records contain sensitive personal information or trade secrets. The court will now decide whether to approve HYBE’s request.

HYBE’s application is reportedly based on recent evidence submitted by Min Hee-Jin. This includes KakaoTalk screenshots and the shareholder contract between HYBE and Min Hee-Jin. HYBE claims that the contract contains trade secrets. They stated the KakaoTalk screenshots involve private conversations between individuals, including third parties not related to the case.

However, HYBE previously disclosed some of these KakaoTalk screenshots to the media during their feud with Min Hee-Jin. This includes chats between Min Hee-Jin and her shaman friend, who is a third party to the court case. Legal experts suggest that HYBE’s prior disclosure of these screenshots may make it difficult to grant their application.

Netizen backlash

Netizens have been quick to criticize HYBE’s move. Many ridiculed the company for attempting to restrict access to information they themselves had partially made public. They also accused HYBE of using YouTubers to leak Min Hee-Jin’s private KakaoTalk chats.

The public perception of HYBE’s actions has been largely negative, with many shaming the company for their inconsistent approach to handling the sensitive information involved in the case.

As the court deliberates on the application, the ongoing legal battle between HYBE and ADOR CEO Min Hee-Jin continues to capture public attention. The outcome of this application remains to be seen, as well as its broader implications for both parties.

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