K-Pop News 050624: AESPA, ILLIT, BTS & more

Hello K-pop fans! Here’s your daily dose of K-pop News Digest for June 5, 2024. Let’s dive into today’s headline-making stories. Read about AESPA getting their first music win for Armageddon, ILLIT rocking the Billboard charts, BTS celebrating their 11th anniversary and more. Check out today’s K-pop News Digest to catch up on the most buzzworthy moments and milestones that have captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

AESPA wins first trophy for Armageddon


AESPA has secured their first win for their latest single Armageddon on Show Champion. This victory marks a significant milestone for the group, showcasing their continued dominance and growing influence in the K-pop industry. The song’s powerful performance and unique concept have captivated fans worldwide, contributing to their success on music charts and award shows.

ILLIT’s Magnetic extends Billboard streak


ILLIT’s hit song Magnetic has extended its streak to 10 weeks on the Billboard 200 chart, amassing over 200 million Spotify streams. The song’s enduring popularity highlights the group’s strong fanbase and musical impact. Magnetic has been praised for its catchy melody and innovative production, solidifying ILLIT’s presence in the competitive music scene.

BTS celebrates anniversary with photo collection


BTS has released a special photo collection titled 2013 to 2023 Festa ahead of their 11th debut anniversary on June 13. It chronicles the group’s journey from a rookie boy group to K-pop icons, celebrating their remarkable career and global influence. The photos reflect BTS’s growth and achievements over the years, offering fans a nostalgic look back at their favorite moments.

SM Entertainment has announced strong legal action against spreading rumors about their artists, including BoA, Kim Hee-chul, and NCT members. The agency aims to protect their artists’ reputations and maintain a positive public image. This move underscores SM Entertainment’s commitment to safeguarding their talents from unfounded allegations and maintaining the integrity of their brand.

SHINee’s Taemin announces solo fan meet

Taemin of SHINee

Taemin of SHINee will hold a solo fan meet titled Never Never in July, marking his first event after changing agencies. The fan meet will include various activities and performances, with ticketing details soon to be released. Fans are eagerly anticipating this event, which promises to offer an intimate and engaging experience with the beloved artist.

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