SM Entertainment Denies NCT Sex Scandal Rumours

SM Entertainment has officially denied the rumours surrounding NCT’s Johnny and Haechan, which allege their involvement in a sex scandal.

In a statement shared with media outlets, SM Entertainment firmly refuted the false claims. The company announced plans to take legal action against those spreading these rumours.

“Hello, this is SM Entertainment. Currently, rumours surrounding Johnny and Haechan’s involvement with prostitution, drugs, and other indecent content are being reproduced and spread online. After verifying the facts, these allegations are false, and [these rumours] are criminal acts that seriously defame our artists.

In addition, malicious rumours and slander continue to be spread about NCT and our other artists, including Heechul. We have already collected sufficient evidence regarding the posts in question and we will not sit and do nothing. We will ensure the perpetrators spreading this information will be punished with no leniency or settlement, regardless of their nationality. Please be aware that any act of posting malicious content could be subject to punishment. Thank you.” — SM Entertainment

NCT Fans Send Protest Trucks to SM Entertainment Over Recent Rumours

Amid the controversy involving NCT’s Johnny and Haechan, fans have taken action to demand a swift response from SM Entertainment. Even before SM Entertainment released a statement refuting the rumours on the night of June 4, 2024, fans had mobilized protest trucks to be delivered to the agency’s headquarters.

These protest trucks called for SM Entertainment to take immediate and decisive action against the spread of false information and to protect their artists from defamatory rumours.

The trucks contained the following messages.

  • Improve the protection of your artists. Lawsuits without any mediation. Quick and accurate statements.
  • SM, who neglected the malicious comments targeted at NCT for years, is an even bigger perpetrator. Sue them without any mediation and put out statements.
  • The malicious rumours targeted at NCT is getting more severe, but KWANGYA119 is so useless. When are you going to protect your artists? We don’t need copy-and-paste statements. We want to know the detailed status updates.

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