SM Entertainment Demanding Profits from EXO-CBX

EXO members Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin, collectively known as EXO-CBX, have claimed unfair treatment by their former agency, SM Entertainment. Their current agency, INB100, has announced an emergency press conference to address the issue on June 10 KST.

Background of the Dispute

INB100 released a statement outlining the history of the conflict:

“Last June, EXO-CBX took legal action, successfully terminating their exclusive contracts and filed a complaint with the Fair Trade Commission through a joint statement with SM Entertainment. At that time, both parties negotiated and resolved the situation, believing that EXO’s activities were the most important. Per the agreement at the time, the artists’ activities and names as EXO-CBX were managed through INB100.”

Allegations Against SM Entertainment

According to INB100, SM Entertainment has ignored the terms of the agreement and is now demanding a portion of the sales from the artists’ activities. Despite INB100 sending proof of their compliance, SM Entertainment has not responded for over two months.

“SM ignores the agreement’s premises and demands that INB100 give 10% of the sales of the artists’ activities. Although INB100 has sent proof of this, SM has not responded for over two months. We plan to report SM Entertainment’s unfair treatment.” — INB100

The announcement of the emergency press conference has taken the Korean entertainment industry by surprise.