Belift Lab accuses NEWJEANS of plagiarizing BLACKPINK outfits

On June 11, 2024, Belift Lab published a YouTube video to debunk the plagiarism claims made against them and their rookie group ILLIT. Surprisingly, the video accused NEWJEANS of plagiarizing several other K-pop groups, including NMIXX and Jeans. One allegation was that NEWJEANS had copied BLACKPINK’s tennis skirt and uniform concept.

Specific Accusations and Comparisons

Belift Lab provided photos as evidence, comparing NEWJEANS’ outfits to those of BLACKPINK, asserting that the similarity was more than coincidental. This accusation quickly gained traction and sparked discussions online.

Industry Response

In response to these claims, a former creative director at YG Entertainment, who was involved during the conception and early days of BLACKPINK, stepped forward. He posted a screenshot of Belift Lab’s accusation on his Instagram story with the caption “totally different,” refuting the claims.

Additionally, some fans noted that tennis skirts in K-pop had originally gained popularity with f(x) during their Pink Tape era. Notably, Pink Tape was directed by Min Hee-Jin, who also directs NEWJEANS.

Reactions and Backlash

Belift Lab’s accusations against NEWJEANS have not only targeted the group but also sparked backlash from the public. The former creative director’s response, along with historical context provided by fans, has led many to question the validity of Belift Lab’s claims.

Belift Lab’s attempt to accuse NEWJEANS of plagiarism, particularly the claim regarding BLACKPINK’s outfits, has been widely criticized.

The creative director behind BLACKPINK himself denounced the claims, adding to the controversy surrounding Belift Lab’s video.

Belift Lab’s recent video accusing NEWJEANS of plagiarizing other K-pop groups has stirred significant controversy. As the legal battle between Belift Lab and ADOR’s Min Hee-Jin unfolds, the K-pop community remains highly engaged.