Fans Who Kissed BTS’s Jin Face Sexual Assault Charges

Fans who kissed Jin of BTS without his consent have been reported to the police. On June 14, Seoul’s Songpa Police Department confirmed receiving a report requesting an investigation into two fans for sexual assault. The police are currently assessing whether the report warrants a full investigation.

Incident at the Hug Event

The controversy arose during a hug event held by Jin on June 13 at the Seoul Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium to celebrate his return from mandatory military service. While the event was intended as a wholesome gesture to connect with 1,000 invited fans … It was marred by a few fans attempting to kiss BTS member Jin on the cheek. This incident sparked widespread outrage among other fans.

A concerned fan who witnessed reports of the incident took to an online platform to explain why they reported the matter to the police. The fan stated, “I saw reports that Jin was sexually harassed at a hug event with 1,000 fans. This made me so upset as someone who is a fan of BTS’s music. I am requesting that those who sexually harassed Jin be fully investigated as per Article 11 of the Sexual Violent Criminal Act.”

Identification of the Offending Fans

It was revealed that the two fans who attempted to kiss Jin were Japanese. One famous blogger, shared details of the encounter in Japanese media, describing Jin’s skin as “very soft and smooth.” This revelation further fueled the backlash, with Korean and Japanese netizens expressing their disapproval.

Netizen Reactions

A Korean netizen highlighted the Japanese media’s coverage, stating, “I found these on a Japanese website and she seems like a famous pervert (?). The bottom one seems to be a Japanese person too. Japanese people are slandering them a lot too.”

The incident has prompted serious concerns about the behaviour of some fans at such events, highlighting the need for stricter measures to ensure the safety and comfort of idols.

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