HYBE Cracks Down on Flight Info Sales

On June 18th KST, HYBE announced legal action against social media accounts accused of illegally acquiring and selling its artists’ flight information. They also posted a notice on their official website detailing the move.

Establishment of a Special Task Force

To combat the illegal trade of K-pop artists’ flight information, HYBE established a special task force last year. The company identified numerous social media accounts involved in these transactions, gathered evidence to identify the operators, and submitted this information to the police.

Unearthing evidence through extensive domestic and international investigations, police have pinned charges on several suspects. These individuals have now been referred to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office.

Details of the Illegal Activities

The police investigation revealed that the suspects made profits ranging from tens of millions to hundreds of millions of won by selling flight information of K-pop artists. These illegal transactions were conducted through chat or direct messages.

The illegally obtained information was used for stalking activities … Such as booking the same flights as the artists to attempt close contact. Other abuses included changing the artists’ seats and in-flight meals without permission or cancelling flight reservations to disrupt their schedules. This caused significant harm to the artists and their management companies.

Industry-Wide Issue

The issue of illegally traded flight information affects the entire entertainment industry. Not only HYBE’s artists but also numerous idol groups and actors have reported suffering from leaked flight information.

HYBE’s Statement and Preventive Measures

HYBE stated, “The act of selling or purchasing flight information obtained illegally is a clear illegal act that threatens the safety and security of our artists, potentially leading to safety incidents at airports and on aeroplanes. We will respond strictly and hold those responsible accountable without any leniency or settlements.”

To prevent further leaks of artists’ personal information, including flight details, HYBE is reviewing related procedures and systems and has requested cooperation from airlines and travel agencies. The company also plans to continue working closely with various organizations to protect their artists’ personal information.

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