IVE’s Yujin Suffers Shocking Wardrobe Malfunction

IVE’s Yujin recently endured a potentially dangerous wardrobe malfunction at a concert, causing significant concern among fans who are upset with the stylists’ negligence.

The Incident

IVE’s Yujin Suffers Dangerous Wardrobe Malfunction

During the performance, fans in the front row noticed something unusual on the top of Yujin’s right thigh—a sewing needle was left behind and still attached to the bottom of her skirt. Yujin realized the needle was there when she felt it hit her leg, quickly looking down to ensure she wouldn’t get hurt.

Fan Reactions

Fans are displeased with the stylists’ mistake that could have seriously injured Yujin. They hope that more precautions will be taken in the future to avoid such easily preventable issues. One fan commented, “This is unacceptable. The stylists need to be more careful to ensure the safety of the artists.”

Wardrobe Malfunctions in K-Pop

Before she went on stage, last-minute adjustments to Yujin’s clothing could explain the oversight. Unfortunately, K-pop artists dealing with such instances are not rare. For example, K-pop group AESPA has also faced questionable wardrobe designs that left fans fuming. Read all about it here: AESPA’s Styling Controversy: Fans Call for Safer, Fairer Wardrobe