K-Pop News 200624: BLACKPINK, IU, Byeon Woo-Seok & more

Welcome to our K-Pop roundup for June 20, 2024! This week, we dive into BLACKPINK skipping all group activities for 2024, IU being the ‘nation’s last solo singer’, Billie Eilish revealed as a fangirl of BLACKPINK Jennie, and Byeon Woo-Seok starting his Summer Letter fan meeting tour!

BLACKPINK halts all group activities for 2024


BLACKPINK fans may have to wait a bit longer for full group activities. According to a report from Tenasia, BLACKPINK will not engage in any full group activities for the remainder of 2024. Instead, the members will focus on their individual careers. Lisa, Jennie, and Rosé will promote their solo albums, while Jisoo will dedicate her time to filming K-dramas and movies.

Rosé recently signed a management contract with THE BLACK LABEL, joining Lisa, Jennie, and Jisoo, who have all secured agencies for their solo pursuits. Lisa’s new single, ROCKSTAR, drops on June 28. However, BLACKPINK is reportedly preparing a special event for their eight-year anniversary on August 8, with details yet to be announced.

K-netizens say IU is the nation’s ‘last solo singer’


Recent online discussions among Korean netizens suggest that IU might be the last “nation’s solo singer”. The title, traditionally reserved for artists with unparalleled popularity and acclaim, may see its last holder in IU due to the changing trends and rising prominence of K-pop groups.

Korean netizens have observed that agencies are increasingly focusing on debuting K-pop groups rather than solo artists. Despite this shift, IU’s profound impact on the Korean music industry and her multifaceted talent have earned her a special place in the hearts of many.

Billie Eilish revealed as fangirl of BLACKPINK Jennie

Billie Eilish and Jennie of BLACKPINK

During a Spotify listening party for Billie Eilish’s new album Hit Me Hard and Soft, BLACKPINK member Jennie interviewed the American pop star. The event was a treat for fans, showcasing the friendly rapport between the two artists.

When asked to name her favorite song, Jennie playfully whispered “BLACKPINK”. This prompted Billie to declare Jennie’s future solo release to be her favorite. Billie’s heartfelt response and playful banter confirmed her status as one of Jennie’s biggest fans. Jennie’s upcoming album will reportedly drop soon, with fans eager for new music.

Byeon Woo-Seok set for ‘Summer Letter’ fan meeting

Byeon Woo-Seok

Actor Byeon Woo-Seok will meet fans in Manila this weekend for his sold-out ‘Summer Letter’ fan meeting. Presented by PULP Live World, the event will take place at the New Frontier Theater on June 22. Tickets quickly sold out, with fans requesting additional dates or a larger venue. Sadly, this could not be accommodated due to the actor’s busy schedule.

Byeon Woo-Seok will continue his tour in Jakarta, Singapore, and Seoul. Dates are set for June 28, 30, and July 6, 7, and 14 respectively.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights into your favorite artists and groups.

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