Lawsuit Against Former FIFTY FIFY Members Set For August

The first trial date involving K-Pop group FIFTY FIFTY has been set. Last December, ATTRAKT filed a lawsuit worth KRW 13.0 billion (about USD 9.41 million) against FIFTY FIFTY members Saena, Sio, Aran, and their parents. The defendants have submitted responses to the complaint, and the first trial is set for August 29.

FIFTY FIFTY rose to fame by entering the Billboard Hot 100 chart just 130 days after debuting with their hit song, Cupid. However, shortly after their success … The members caused a stir by announcing through a legal representative their intention to suspend their exclusive contract with ATTRAKT.

On June 19, 2023, the Seoul Central District Court received a file for an injunction to suspend the exclusive contract with ATTRAKT. Meanwhile, member Keena withdrew her appeal and returned to ATTRAKT.

ATTRAKT’s Response and New Beginnings

Recently, ATTRAKT announced they had recruited four new members and are preparing for a comeback album in September.

“We went through difficult times where we had to stop everything due to unfortunate events. We have been holding private auditions to find new members. Fortunately, we were able to confirm four new members in April. The group will start anew as a five-member group including existing member Keena.” — ATTRAKT

Netizens have had mixed reactions to the trial, with many hoping that the former members will learn from the experience and that the industry can move forward positively.

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