K-Pop News 210624: Lisa, ILLIT, NEWJEANS & more

Welcome to our K-Pop roundup for June 21, 2024! This week, we bring you thrilling updates on BLACKPINK’s Lisa announcing her ROCKSTAR comeback, ILLIT reaching 100 million views, and latest updates involving NEWJEANS, SM Entertainment and AESPA. From new music releases to industry disputes, here’s everything you need to know.

Lisa drops concept photo for ROCKSTAR


BLACKPINK member Lisa will release her new single, ROCKSTAR, on June 27. Lisa shared the first concept photo for the upcoming track, showcasing her stunning beauty and commanding presence. The photo features Lisa in futuristic glasses and dramatic jewelry, playfully touching a silver tooth accessory with her tongue.

Lisa’s announcement generated immense excitement among fans globally. This marks her second solo release, nearly two years after her debut with LALISA. Fans are eagerly anticipating the energetic performance hinted at in her recent TikTok video, where she mouthed the lyrics, “Baby, I’m a rockstar.”

ILLIT hits 100 million views with Magnetic MV


ILLIT has reached a significant milestone, hitting 100 million views on YouTube for their debut song, Magnetic. Their debut track was on social media platforms and topped various music charts both domestically and internationally.

ILLIT also became the fastest K-pop act to enter Billboard’s Hot 100 list and scoring their first Perfect All-Kill (PAK) on iChart. This prestigious accomplishment showcases ILLIT’s rising popularity and solidifies their position as a promising new group in the K-pop industry.

Inappropriate PUBG content of NEWJEANS to be deleted


KRAFTON, the game production company behind PUBG, and ADOR have issued a joint statement addressing the inappropriate use of NEWJEANS characters in the game. Following the launch of the PUBG x NEWJEANS collaboration, some users dressed up NEWJEANS’ characters in revealing outfits and shared the images online.

KRAFTON and ADOR emphasized the importance of maintaining a respectful and safe gaming environment. They said corrective measures will be taken against inappropriate content, and users who violate community guidelines may face restrictions. The collaboration aims to provide enjoyable experiences while respecting the artists and their image.

SM Entertainment accused of plagiarizing TXT

SM Entertainment has faced accusations of plagiarizing TXT for AESPA’s latest release. Fans of TXT pointed out similarities between AESPA’s Live My Life music video and TXT’s 0X1=LOVESONG, including specific scenes and imagery.

The controversy has sparked significant backlash, with many calling out SM Entertainment for the alleged similarities. This isn’t the first time SM Entertainment has faced scrutiny over their creative choices. The issue has further fueled debates within the K-pop community.

AESPA’s stylists slammed after Karina injured by outfit

Karina of AESPA

AESPA’s stylists are being called out after Karina was spotted with apparent wounds caused by her performance outfit. Fans noticed that the denim top Karina wore appeared to dig into her skin, causing redness and potential abrasions.

Fans are demanding better care and attention to the members’ safety and comfort. The controversy highlights ongoing concerns about the physical demands placed on K-pop idols and the need for more protective measures in their wardrobe choices.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights into your favorite artists and groups.

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