Review: Crash is a fast-paced thrill ride from start to finish

The dust has settled, the final chase is over, and Crash, the explosive action-crime K-drama that captivated Disney+ Hotstar viewers, has concluded its thrilling run. But did the series deliver on its early promise of high-octane action and a complex crime story? Let’s untangle the wreckage and see if Crash deserves a spot in your K-drama hall of fame.

To recap, Crash tells the story of the Traffic Crime Investigation (TCI) unit. Led by Jeong Chae-man (Heo Sung-Tae) and his right-hand woman Min So-Hee (Kwak Sun-Young), the team hunts down perpetrators of vehicle crimes, ranging from traffic offenders to those running car scams. Despite not getting respect from other police departments, the team does their best. Things soon change once they get a new recruit, the quiet and glum Cha Yeon-Ho (Lee Min-Ki).

Cha graduated from an elite college, and the team are surprised that he would choose to join the underdog TCI. However, he soon proves to be a capable investigator, even if his awkward social skills sometimes lands him and his team in hot water.

Fast thrills and dark secrets

From the get-go, Crash holds viewers hostage with its adrenaline-fueled action sequences. There are car chases galore, including some amazing stunt driving courtesy of Min, who drives and drifts in her souped-up muscle car. The expertly choreographed fight scenes, and meticulously planned explosions also kept me entertained throughout the series. These action moments weren’t just empty spectacle – they pushed the plot forward and revealed hidden depths to the characters.

Lee Min-Ki and Kwak Sun-Young

However, Crash isn’t just about the thrills. It soon becomes obvious that Cha is hiding a huge secret about his past. Eventually we learn that he was once involved in a deadly accident that killed a pregnant woman, and that Jeong was the investigating officer in the case.

At first, it seems as though Jeong is trying to help Cha reintegrate into society, but it turns out that there is more to that deadly accident. For one, everyone involved in that crash has been sent vague threats; it seems as though someone wants them to reveal the truth.

The real villains

The second third of Crash finally reveals the secret: that there were three other witnesses to the accident who are more involved than they first claimed. Two of them are now high-powered members of society, as one is the arrogant son of a rich businessman, while the other is the son of the police commissioner. Eventually, the TCI members run into them during their investigations into various traffic-related crimes.

Lee Min-Ki

This soon causes Cha’s past to be revealed, and the TCI barely manage to keep him on their team. However, this also causes the blackmailer to make their move, finally revealing what really happened the night of the accident.

Beneath the surface is a captivating crime story that keeps viewers guessing until the very end. Crash wove a web of deceit and manipulation, with unexpected twists and turns that had me glued to the screen. Unlikely partnerships formed, alliances shifted, and hidden agendas came to light, creating a dynamic that was both unpredictable and thrilling.

Final verdict on Crash

Visually, Crash is a solid, action-packed series with a compelling story. The series’ sleek cinematography captures the frenetic energy of the action sequences and the gritty realism of the urban setting. It also features some really great acting performances by everyone in the main cast. Lee Min-Ki delivers an understated performance as Cha, but is able to pull out the emotion when needed. Kwak Sun-Young absolutely shines as Min, the tough, martial arts expert with a strong sense of justice. The two of them have great chemistry together. I also liked that Crash didn’t give them a stereotypical romance in order for them to have an effective partnership.

Lee Min-Ki and Kwak Sun-Young

I also liked how Crash added traffic PSAs at the end of some episodes. These featured members of the cast (in character) giving viewers some helpful traffic tips and information. It was a nice touch, considering the overall theme of the series.

As for the downsides, the biggest gripe I have is the fact that Crash‘s 12 episodes could have been cut down to 10. The main plot wraps by episode 11, leading to the team getting split up. We get a short time skip, and they reunite to help Cha locate a missing teenage girl, before reuniting again. In my opinion, they should have ended the series after the main bad guys were taken down.

Other than that, Crash definitely lived up to the hype. It had action, suspense, and engaging characters that kept viewers on the edge of their seats until the very last frame. Those seeking a thrilling ride with a complex plot and compelling characters won’t be disappointed. So, if you haven’t already, buckle up and experience the fast-paced thrills of Crash.

Watch all episodes of Crash on Disney+ Hotstar.

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