Zico’s Agency to Sue Over Malicious Goo Hara Rumours

Zico’s agency, KOZ Entertainment announced through Weverse that they would be taking legal action against the spread of malicious rumours involving their artist … Zico, and the late Goo Hara.

KOZ Entertainment’s statement

“We have confirmed that recently various malicious posts and comments involving defamation, insults, and spreading false information about our artist Zico have been indiscriminately written on online communities and social media. Particularly, the spread of malicious rumours and false information, which are clearly unrelated to the artist, has reached an intolerable level of severity, prompting us to take strong legal action.

Accordingly, we have collected evidence from various online communities and social media and submitted complaints to investigative agencies. We plan to continue collecting evidence and filing complaints on a regular basis.”

“We also confirm that the recent rumours about the artist are untrue, and we will respond firmly to these as well. We will take strict measures against those who post malicious comments, based on evidence gathered from fan reports and our monitoring. We will hold them accountable to the end, regardless of the time it takes, and there will be no leniency or settlements in any case. If you discover any malicious posts or illegal activities related to the artist, please actively report them to the official legal response account of KOZ Entertainment.” – KOZ Entertainment

Context of the Rumors

On the SBS program Unanswered Questions aired on the 22nd … A montage of the suspect who stole the late Goo Hara’s safe was released after four years. Following this, some netizens linked Zico’s past comments about a ‘golden phone’ to the suspect’s montage. They speculated that Zico was the thief. KOZ Entertainment has denied these rumours and announced strong legal action against the spread of false information.

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