12 K-pop concerts in Singapore from now to September 2024

Whether you’re here to catch your favorite idols live on stage or simply connect with fellow fans, Singapore offers many opportunities for K-pop lovers to come together, share their love for their favorite acts, and revel in the electric atmosphere of K-fever.

Step into the dynamic world of Korean pop culture in the heart of Singapore, where every moment becomes a celebration of music, culture, and the unbreakable bonds of fandom. Make Singapore the vibrant hub where passions are ignited, friendships are forged, and memories are made as we bond in this K-pop extravaganza.



29 June 2024, Saturday and 30 June 2024, Sunday
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium, Kallang

The globally acclaimed K-pop sensation, NCT DREAM, is bringing its electrifying world tour to our shores. Experience the magic of NCT DREAM LIVE in Singapore as they light up the stage with their infectious energy, mesmerising performances, and chart-topping hits. Let NCT DREAM’s music be the soundtrack to new friendships and lasting bonds.

OnlyOneOf 2024 Tour – dOpamine in Singapore


11 July 2024, Thursday
Venue: Capitol Theatre, City Hall

As part of their highly-anticipated global tour, OnlyOneOf promises an electrifying showcase of the group’s biggest hits, allowing fans to belt out their favourite tunes and create unforgettable memories together with the group and other fans of the group.

SUPER JUNIOR in Singapore

SUPER JUNIOR in Singapore

14 July 2024, Sunday
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium, Kallang

This special project marks a monumental event as the legendary K-pop group reunites for their first performance in nearly a year, celebrating their 19th anniversary. Join in this heartfelt tribute to their enduring legacy and a unique opportunity for E.L.Fs (Ever Lasting Friends) to reconnect and celebrate together in an evening filled with nostalgic hits, new surprises, and the electrifying energy that only SUPER JUNIOR can deliver.

10CM Asia Tour <10CM Closer to You> in Singapore

10CM Asia Tour <10CM Closer to You> in Singapore

14 July 2024, Sunday and 15 July 2024, Monday
Venue: Gateway Theatre, Bukit Merah

Korean indie sensation 10CM returns to Singapore after 5 years for a night of soul-stirring acoustic-folk melodies. Get ready to sing, dance, and connect like never before with this rare opportunity to get up close and personal with 10CM in Singapore.

XG 1st World Tour ‘The First HOWL’ in Singapore


16 July 2024, Tuesday
Venue: The Star Theatre, One North

Get ready to witness history unfold as XG, the sensational seven-member girl group, brings their electrifying energy to Singapore for their inaugural world tour. ALPHAZ can finally rejoice, and experience their dynamic blend of hip-hop and R&B-inspired tracks live on stage.



20 July 2024, Saturday
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium, Kallang

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable night as AESPA’s 2024 LIVE TOUR – SYNK: PARALLEL LINE arrives in Singapore! This isn’t just a concert – it’s a unique opportunity to bond with fellow K-pop fans who share your passion for AESPA’s mesmerizing performances and infectious music, creating a space where fans from all walks of life come together, united by their love for K-pop.

Onew Fan Meeting ‘Guess!’ Asia Tour in Singapore

Onew of SHINee

21 July 2024, Sunday
Venue: Resorts World Ballroom, Sentosa

Enjoy a rare opportunity to connect with ONEW on a personal level. SHINee’s charismatic ONEW takes the stage for an exclusive fan meeting event at Resorts World Sentosa. Enjoy intimate performances, and participate in interactive segments. Celebrate your shared passion for SHINee with fellow SHAWOLS in the vibrant setting of Singapore.

Solar 2nd Concert [Colours] in Singapore

Solar of MAMAMOO

27 July 2024, Saturday
Venue: Capitol Theatre, City Hall

The electrifying Solar, leader of MAMAMOO, is bringing her solo magic to Singapore with her Solar 2nd Concert [Colours]. Titled after her latest mini album, this concert promises a spectacular showcase of her vocal prowess, dynamic performances, and vibrant personality.

Doh Kyung Soo Asia Fan Concert Tour “Bloom” In Singapore

Doh Kyung Soo

8 August 2024, Thursday
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium, Kallang

Doh Kyung Soo, better known as D.O of K-Pop sensation EXO, will dazzle fans with his first solo fan concert tour, BLOOM. Immerse yourself in the magic of his mesmerizing performances, and create memories that will last a lifetime.



24 August, Saturday and 25 August 2024, Sunday
Venue: Siloso Beach Sentosa

Dive into the ultimate splash of excitement as South Korea’s largest water music festival makes its debut in Singapore. With over 10 of the hottest K-pop, K-hip-hop, and EDM acts, all set to ignite the stage with electrifying performances, this event is a dream come true for K-music lovers enthusiasts, surrounded by fellow fans who share their passion for all things K-pop and beyond.

eaJ “when the rain stopped following me” asia 2024

eaJ “when the rain stopped following me” asia 2024

9 September 2024, Monday
Venue: Capitol Theatre, City Hall

Best known as the former vocalist and lead guitarist of South Korean rock band Day6, eaJ – also known as Jae Park – brings his When the Rain Stopped Following Me Asia tour to Singapore. His unique blend of emotive lyrics and captivating melodies promises an unforgettable night that resonates with his Day6 roots while showcasing his individual artistry.



28 September 2024, Saturday
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium, Kallang

ZEROBASEONE is kicking off their first world tour, bringing their high-energy performances and captivating charm to stages around the globe. For fans, this tour is more than just a concert. It’s an opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts, celebrate their love for ZEROBASEONE, and create unforgettable memories together.

* Courtesy of the Singapore Tourism Board

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