NEWJEANS Make History at Bunnies Camp 2024 Tokyo Dome Fan Meeting

NEWJEANS made K-pop history by becoming the fastest non-Japanese act to perform at the iconic Tokyo Dome. The group achieved this milestone one year and eleven months post-debut. The two-day event drew 91,200 fans and showcased NEWJEANS’ overwhelming popularity in Japan.

A Music-Oriented Showcase

K-pop fan meetings typically feature various segments like games and chats with members … But NEWJEANS opted for a more music-centric approach. The event was designed to entertain fans, known as Bunnies, through song.

The girls performed all tracks from their past EPs and singles, including New Jeans, OMG, Get Up, and How Sweet. They also debuted two tracks from their new Japanese single, Supernatural.

A Spectacular Performance

The venue was charged with intense anticipation, and when NEWJEANS took the stage, the crowd erupted in a fierce frenzy.

The members brought all the energy! Even Hyein, recently back from a foot injury, performed with no hesitation.

The show kicked off with live renditions of fan favourites like Attention and Cookie, hyping up the sold-out audience for the rest of the concert.

Accompanied by a live band, the energy of the original songs was amplified many times over. Hyein’s vibrant, cool performance marked a strong comeback, impressing fans and easing concerns about her condition.

Highlights of the event included solo performances that showcased each member’s unique charm. Danielle and Hanni performed the unreleased song Hold It Down. Haerin delivered a powerful solo dance, and Danielle debuted her beautiful R&B-inspired original track Butterflies (With U).

The group also covered J-pop classics, delighting the audience with performances of Vaundy’s Odoriko, Mariya Takeuchi’s Plastic Love, and Seiko Matsuda’s Aoi Sangosho.

Emotional Moments and Special Guests

Tears flowed as Hyein, emotional from her two-month absence due to injury, thanked fans for their support. The other members huddled to give her a comforting hug. Danielle expressed her gratitude, saying, “The love that we’ve received from Bunnies today is unbelievable, so much so that it feels surreal.”

Special guest performances added to the excitement. On the first day, J-pop duo YOASOBI joined NEWJEANS on stage, with vocalist Lilas Ikuta blending seamlessly into the group’s formation for Right Now and Biri-Biri.

On the second day, Japanese-British artist Rina Sawayama performed a special duet with Hyein.

A Historic Milestone

Filling the Tokyo Dome is a significant achievement for any artist, and NEWJEANS did it in record time. The group’s success was celebrated with the release of their Japanese debut single, Supernatural.

The song shot to the top of local music charts and became the highest-charting Japanese release by a K-pop act on the Apple Music Daily Global Top 100 chart.

Fans’ enthusiasm was palpable, with over 91,000 attendees over two days, many adorned in NEWJEANS merchandise and eagerly engaging in pre-show activities.

Taking Japan By Storm

NEWJEANS’ rapid rise to fame and their ability to fill Tokyo Dome less than two years after debuting highlights their unique appeal and the growing influence of K-pop worldwide.

Their performances, characterized by innovative musicality and engaging stage presence, have broadened the scope of Hallyu fans, including middle-aged male fans in Japan, known as “NEWJEANS Ojisan.”

NEWJEANS is set to appear on numerous Japanese television networks to promote their new single.

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