K-Pop News 010724: STRAY KIDS, Jin, Seohyun and more

Welcome to our K-Pop roundup for July 1, 2024! Today, we bring exciting news from some of your favourite idols and groups. From record-breaking social media achievements to heartfelt fan events and eagerly anticipated solo debuts. Let’s dive into the latest updates in the world of K-pop!

STRAY KIDS Achieve 30 Million Instagram Followers, Announce New Mini-Album

STRAY KIDS continue to solidify their status as a global powerhouse in the world of social media. According to JYP Entertainment, the group’s official Instagram channel surpassed 30 million followers on June 27.

This makes them the third K-pop artist with the most followers on the platform. Additionally, they boast 25.3 million followers on TikTok, 16.6 million subscribers on YouTube, and 15.73 million followers on Spotify.

Adding to the excitement, STRAY KIDS announced they will release their new mini-album ATE on July 19. The boys are also set to headline major international music festivals … Including the UK’s British Summer Time Hyde Park and the US’s Lollapalooza Chicago.

Seohyun Celebrates Birthday with Heartfelt Fan Event in Seoul

On June 29, actress Seohyun celebrated her birthday with a special event for fans at a café in Mapo-gu, Seoul. Seohyun, whose birthday was the day before, organized this intimate gathering out of her desire to connect with her fans. She prepared scones she baked herself and various gifts, creating a heartwarming reverse gifting event full of fan love.

Seohyun appeared amid the crowd dressed in a lovely pink outfit, turning the venue into a sea of pink. The event featured several segments, including a dress code contest, a Q&A session, and a bingo game, providing fans with a fun and memorable experience.

Reflecting on the day, Seohyun expressed her gratitude and happiness, stating, “Thanks to you, I had the best birthday ever. I love you all very much.”

SM Entertainment’s Virtual Artist nævis Makes Surprise Appearance at AESPA Concert

SM Entertainment’s first virtual artist, nævis, made a surprise appearance at AESPA’s second solo concert, 2024 AESPA LIVE TOUR – SYNK : PARALLEL LINE, held on June 29-30 at Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul.

nævis showcased a mysterious and enchanting stage presence, captivating the audience with a three-dimensional performance that seamlessly blended the digital world with the real world.

In AESPA’s universe, nævis is a key character who helps the members by opening the P.O.S (Port of Soul), connecting various realms. Her debut as a solo artist is set for the third quarter of this year, further heightening interest in her future activities.

BTS’ Jin to Appear on His First Variety Show After Military Discharge

Jin of BTS will make his first variety show appearance after completing his military service. According to a report by Star News, Jin participated as a guest worker in the filming of MBC’s variety show Relax and Rest, which took place on an uninhabited island late last month. His episode is scheduled to air soon.

Relax and Rest is a reality show that provides a unique ‘0.5-star island check-in’ experience, with participants striving to offer exceptional service despite the island’s lack of basic amenities. Jin’s appearance on the show marks his return to the entertainment scene, much to the delight of his fans.

Lee Jae-Wook Holds Fan Meeting in Japan

Actor Lee Jae-Wook has announced his fan meeting schedule in Japan. According to his agency, Log Studio, Lee Jae-Wook will host the 2024 LEE JAE-WOOK FAN MEETING IN JAPAN “log in”’ on August 25 at the Omiya Sonic City Hall in Saitama, Japan.

Lee Jae-Wook has actively participated in the planning and directing of the event, promising a rich and engaging experience for his fans.

Previously, Lee Jae-Wook conducted the 2023 LEE JAE-WOOK ASIA TOUR FAN MEETING, meeting global fans in seven cities. Following his heartfelt fan appreciation and memorable performances, expectations are high for the upcoming fan meeting.

He recently completed filming the Netflix original series Tangeum, a mystery melodrama set in the Joseon era, further cementing his status as a rising global star.

Stay tuned for more updates and continue to enjoy the vibrant world of K-pop!

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