Kim Ho-Joong Hires Six Lawyers Ahead of Hit-and-Run Trial

Singer Kim Ho-Joong is making extensive preparations for his upcoming trial related to a hit-and-run incident. To bolster his defence, he has enlisted the services of six lawyers.

Ahead of the trial, Kim who has been detained and indicted for causing injury by dangerous driving has expanded her legal team. Kim’s defence now includes high-profile legal professionals like Jo Nam-Gwan, former Acting Prosecutor General, and ex-prosecutor Chu Hyung-Woon.

Background of the case

The incident in question occurred on May 9, when Kim allegedly hit a taxi while driving under the influence in Apgujeong-dong, Seoul at around 11:40 PM. Following the collision, which injured the taxi driver … Kim fled the scene and did not report the accident to the police until 4:30 PM the next day.

During this period, his manager Jang falsely claimed responsibility for the accident. After police investigations revealed inconsistencies, Kim admitted to driving but initially denied driving under the influence. He later reversed his stance and issued a public apology.

Seoul Central District Court’s Criminal Division 26, presided over by Judge Choi Min-hye, will conduct the trial on July 10. Kim Ho-Joong faces multiple charges, including:

  • Causing injury by dangerous driving under the Act on Aggravated Punishment of Specific Crimes Hit-and-run causing injury
  • Failure to take necessary measures post-accident under the Road Traffic Act, and
  • Instructing another to take the blame

The prosecution has also indicted his agency’s CEO, Lee Kwang-Deuk, for instigating evidence destruction, and department head Jeon for evidence destruction and aiding and abetting drunk driving.

Manager Jang, who falsely confessed, faces charges of drunk driving, harbouring a criminal, and evidence destruction.

Evidence and Defense Strategy

A critical aspect of the case involves the alleged destruction of evidence. Department head Jeon is accused of removing the black box memory card from the accident vehicle.

On June 27, Jeon submitted a letter of apology to the court, appealing for leniency. The defence strategy seems to focus on mitigating the damage by demonstrating remorse and compliance with legal procedures, as evidenced by Kim’s public apology and the restructuring of his legal team.

Kim Ho-Joong’s trial is set to be a highly scrutinised case with potential ramifications for his career and the entertainment industry. As the trial date approaches, the expanded legal team and strategic preparations highlight the seriousness of the charges and the lengths to which Kim is going to defend his reputation.

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