The Ultimate K-Drama Binge List for July 2024

This July is packed with must-see shows featuring your favourite actors and captivating storylines. So, grab your snacks and settle in – your K-Drama watchlist is about to explode!

Red Swan

Premiere Date: July 3 / Disney+
Starring: Kim Ha-Neul, Rain

K-pop star Rain and Kim Ha-Neul team up for Disney+’s action thriller Red Swan. Rain stars as Do-Yoon, a resilient bodyguard who begins working for Oh Wan-Soo (Kim), a former pro golfer turned charity foundation head after marrying into the powerful Hwain Group conglomerate.

Do-Yoon has a hidden agenda, and as he nears his goal, Wan-Soo uncovers dark secrets about her husband’s family. Red Swan is penned by Choi Yoon-Jung, a seasoned K-drama writer, known for Only Love in 2014.

The Auditors

Premiere Date: July 6 / tvN
Starring: Shin Ha-Kyun, Lee Jung-Ha, Jin Goo

Shin Ha-Kyun returns to the screen in The Auditors, a K-drama set in the corporate world. Shin plays Shin Cha-il, the formidable head of the audit team at JU Construction, a company steeped in corruption.

His team includes rookie Goo Han-Soo (Lee Jung-Ha), who dreams of an overseas transfer but struggles under Cha-il’s tough leadership. Jin Goo portrays Hwang Dae-Woong, the ambitious third son of JU Construction’s founder, aiming for higher corporate power. Directed by Kwon Young-il, known for Wedding Impossible and Doom at Your Service.

Good Partner

Premiere Date: July 12 / SBS
Starring: Jang Na-Ra, Nam Ji-Hyun

Jang Na-Ra and Nam Ji-Hyun team up in the legal comedy-drama Good Partner. Jang portrays Cha Eun-Kyung, a seasoned lawyer at Daejung Law Firm specializing in divorce, who finds herself in her own divorce proceedings.

Nam plays Han Yoo-Ri, an idealistic new lawyer who believes in justice over firm interests, contrasting with her boss’s pragmatic approach.

Serendipity’s Embrace

Premiere Date: July 15 / tvN
Starring: Kim So-Hyun, Chae Jong-Hyeop

Kim So-Hyun and Chae Jong-Hyeop star in the youth romance Serendipity’s Embrace. Based on the webtoon Is It Fate?, Kim plays Lee Hong-Ju, an animation producer who has sworn off love after a painful breakup. Chae is Kang Hu-Young, a financial planner and Hong-Ju’s first love, who reconnects with her after returning from abroad.


Premiere Date: July 15 / U+ Mobile TV
Starring: Cho Yeo-Jeong, Park Ha-Sun

In the seven-part anthology Tarot, seven characters find tarot cards that curse them based on their choices. Cho Yeo-Jeong stars as Ji-Woo, a single mother, joined by Park Ha-Sun, Ko Kyu-Pil, and YouTuber Kim Jin-Young. Premiered at the Cannes International Series Festival, Tarot also had a theatrical release in Korea.

Sweet Home 3

Premiere Date: July 19 / Netflix
Starring: Song Kang, Lee Jin-Wook, Lee Si-Young, Go Min-Si

Sweet Home season 3 concludes the dystopian monster saga, continuing from where the second season left off. The characters live in a stadium under strict rules, preparing for a new era of Neo-humans. The finale brings back Lee Do-Hyun along with horror, action, and high emotions.

No Way Out: The Roulette

Premiere Date: July 31 / U+ Mobile TV
Starring: Cho Jin-Woong, Yoo Jae-Myung, Kim Moo-Yeol, Yum Jung-Ah

In No Way Out: The Roulette, a 20 billion won bounty on criminal Kim Kook-Ho (Yoo Jae-Myung) sparks a nationwide manhunt. Cho Jin-Woong plays Detective Baek Joong-Sik, tasked with protecting Kim. Originally starring the late Lee Sun-Kyun, Cho replaced him following Lee’s scandals. Directed by Choi Kook-Hee, with a script by Lee Su-Jin, known for Han Gong-Ju.

Your Honor

Premiere Date: Date TBD / ENA
Starring: Son Hyun-Joo, Kim Myung-Min, Kim Do-Hoon, Yoon Chan-Young, Jung Eun-Chae

A remake of the American series, Your Honor stars Son Hyun-Joo as Judge Song Pan-Ho, a righteous man upholding justice in Woowon City. Opposite him is Kim Myung-Min as cartel leader Kim Gang-Heon, who is a loving father despite his ruthless exterior. The series centres on their conflict as they protect those they care about.

And that’s our K-Drama Binge List for the upcoming month of July! Check back for more updates and reviews.

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