Plagiarism Allegations hits Lisa’s ROCKSTAR Music Video

BLACKPINK’s Lisa set the K-Pop world on fire with ROCKSTAR! Fans are ecstatic, showering the electrifying dancer with praise. But hold on, a plot twist has emerged – accusations of plagiarism are swirling, casting a shadow over Lisa’s comeback.

Accusation by Travis Scott’s Cinematographer

BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s latest music video ROCKSTAR has sparked controversy after being accused of plagiarism. Gabriel Moses, the cinematographer for Travis Scott’s FE!N music video, claimed that Lisa copied a specific shot from his work.

He shared a comparative image on Instagram, pointing out the similarities and demanding due credit by the end of the month.

Mixed Reactions from Netizens

The accusation has led to mixed reactions. While some netizens criticize Lisa for alleged plagiarism, others believe she was merely inspired by the FE!N video and made significant modifications. Some fans argue that many artists have used similar shots without facing the same level of scrutiny.

Previous Plagiarism Claims

This is not the first time Lisa has faced such allegations. Recently, a Chinese designer accused her of copying a star-shaped top design for the ROCKSTAR music video. The designer claimed that Lisa’s team did not seek permission for the design, leading to further controversy.

LLOUD’s Response

LLOUD, Lisa’s managing company, has not yet commented on the latest plagiarism allegations. Meanwhile, Lisa is set to make her acting debut in the third season of The White Lotus.

Watch Lisa’s ROCKSTAR MV below:

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