K-pop News 070724: BABYMONSTER, Byeon Woo-Seok & more

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BABYMONSTER’s ‘LIKE THAT’ Performance Video Surpasses 100 Million Views

BABYMONSTER has hit a new milestone with their performance video for LIKE THAT surpassing 100 million views. This achievement is awe-inspiring as the video is not an official music video but an exclusive performance video.

The success of LIKE THAT is the latest in a series of remarkable achievements for the rookie girl group. Since their debut, BABYMONSTER has gained over 6 million YouTube subscribers. Their SHEESH music video has surpassed 250 million views, with the performance video at 127 million views.

Additionally, their pre-debut songs Stuck in the Middle and BATTER UP have achieved significant success, with BATTER UP reaching 265 million views.

BABYMONSTER holds the record for the most viewed debut music video in 24 hours in K-pop history and the fastest debut music video to reach over 100 million views.

In just three months since their official debut, they’ve achieved incredible success and are continuing to build their legacy with a fan meeting tour and their upcoming first studio album.

TAEYEON Shows You the Way to ‘Heaven’ in New MV Teaser

TAEYEON has just dropped the official music video teaser for her upcoming comeback Heaven. In the new clip, TAEYEON maintains the ominous vibes from previous teasers as she runs through a dark forest, heavily armed and accompanied by a large bear. The mysterious scene contrasts with the upbeat snippet of Heaven playing in the background.

Heaven will be released on July 8 at 6PM KST.

Watch the MV teaser here:

Byeon Woo-Seok Sheds Tears at His First Korean Fan Meeting

Actor Byeon Woo-Seok recently held his first Seoul fan meeting following his Summer Letter fan meeting tour across Asia. The actor had previously gained attention for shedding tears during his first fan meeting in Taipei due to his fans’ thoughtful gestures.

Now, Byeon Woo-Seok has been moved to tears again, this time at his first fan meeting in Korea, showing his deep connection with his fans.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé Joins Lisa for ROCKSTAR Challenge

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Rosé took on the ROCKSTAR challenge, dazzling fans with their stylish and laidback moves. Lisa and Rosé, both sporting sunglasses in true rockstar style, showcased their incredible talent in the video. Lisa shared the video on her social media, adding to the excitement surrounding her solo comeback with the single ROCKSTAR.

Watch the video below:

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