ADOR’s Min Hee-Jin Investigated for Breach of Trust

On July 9, ADOR’s CEO Min Hee-Jin attended her first defendant investigation at Yongsan Police Station regarding charges of breach of trust. Arriving at 2 PM in casual attire, including NEWJEANS merchandise and a Nike cap, Min appeared composed and optimistic.

Responding to Reporters

When asked about her strategy for the investigation, Min confidently replied, “I just need to tell the truth. The breach of trust doesn’t make any sense.”

Background of Allegations

HYBE has accused Min of attempting to usurp the management rights of ADOR. They claim to have secured evidence supporting these allegations. However, Min refuted these claims, emphasizing the impossibility of such actions given HYBE’s 80% ownership of ADOR.

Min stated firmly, “How can I usurp management rights when HYBE owns 80% of ADOR shares? I have no intention to usurp rights and never attempted to usurp them.”

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