YouTuber Tzuyang Faces Extortion Attempt by Fellow YouTubers

Popular Mukbang YouTuber Tzuyang recently found herself at the centre of a controversy involving extortion attempts by fellow YouTubers.

The issue has sparked widespread discussion in the online community, with many expressing their support for Tzuyang as she navigates this challenging situation.

Extortion Attempts Revealed

Tzuyang disclosed that she has been targeted by a group of fellow YouTubers attempting to extort her over past incidents. The allegations came to light when she revealed that these YouTubers demanded money to keep silent about certain issues from her past.

This revelation has shocked her fans and the broader YouTube community, raising concerns about the ethics and conduct within the platform.

Tzuyang’s Live Stream Clarification

In response to the extortion attempts, Tzuyang took to a live stream to clarify the situation. She explained the nature of the cyber-harassment she has been enduring and addressed the false narratives being spread about her.

Tzuyang’s candid discussion aimed to set the record straight and garner support from her viewers and the online community.

Tzuyang’s Statement

Tzuyang began by urgently addressing the issue raised by the Garosero Research Institute, revealing that YouTubers Gu Jae-Yeok, Jujak Inspector, and Karacula had blackmailed her over her past.

She detailed her history, explaining that she had a violent ex-boyfriend who secretly filmed and threatened her, forcing her into precarious situations, including working at a hostess bar. He extorted money from her, even after she started her YouTube channel, keeping her earnings and subjecting her to unfair contracts.

Tzuyang filed charges against her ex-boyfriend for multiple offences, but the case was closed when he took his own life. Despite her efforts, YouTubers continued to blackmail her, knowing her situation.

Tzuyang expressed regret for her past becoming public and emphasized her anxiety and fear over the past five years.

Tzuyang’s lawyers provided recordings, photos, and transaction records to support her claims. They also revealed that her ex-boyfriend owed her around 4 billion KRW (~2.9 million USD). Tzuyang denied any involvement in tax evasion, stating her lack of knowledge regarding financial details.

Community Support and Reactions

Tzuyang’s transparency and the support from her fans have highlighted the severe challenges she faced. Her brave confrontation of these issues has garnered widespread admiration and solidarity from her followers.

This incident highlights the darker side of the YouTube community, where cyber harassment and unethical behaviour can have severe consequences.

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